You get to make a guest appearance on any TV show of your choice. What’ll it be?


My favorite sit com is King of Queens it is no longer on tv. So that will not work. I guess Dr. Phil, I like that show, I think maybe he would be a good person to sit across from and chit chat.


A new Post-my first post.


There are some things on my mind that I think should be shared with many people. Maybe no one is interested but then again maybe someone might want to hear it from my point of view.

I have so many things to write about, I may like this type of forum but I may not. That will come to me soon I’m sure.

Writing is what I love. I am a published Author and Poet. Words come easy to me but numbers are like Greek. I haveĀ  very little concept of math but that is ok with me. I don’t really need it unless I am sewing.

When I gather my thoughts I will post them here this is my first attempt. Not sure what I want to say at this moment. I’ll read some others blogs and see what is on their minds.

Till tomorrow or when ever………………. Me